Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a Good Friday

April 10th was a great day for Brendan and I. After thinking about it a little bit, it should be a good day for's three days after his birthday and three days before mine. This year, April 10th happened to fall on Good Friday.

Brendan was set for his first day home by himself. Wendy and Alex were gone, I was on my way to work. About a mile away from home I thought that I had no real reason to head into to work, so I called my boss, he agreed, and I did a U-Turn just past 270 and headed back home.

Once home, the fun started. We took a gift card I had, some of Brendan's birthday money and went to Meijer's to get some Legos. Not just any Legos, Star Wars Legos! What we ended up with?

The Republic Attack Shuttle, which was Brendan's pick. It was a bit out of his price range, but we shared it on the condition that he would trade the Lego kit that was in his price range to me. What was that one?

That's right, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter! I was Ok with the downgrade in value on my end because I got Vader out of the - win situation for the two of us.

So, we got home and prepared to put our new purchases together. You need something going on while you put your Legos together, and in our case what better than Star Wars episodes IV, V, and VI.

So, all in all, what a day. Legos, Star Wars, and very little else. We may have to look into more fun on April 10th next year.

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